About Us

Fox News 18 is a news platform that was established to bring quality content to readers across the globe. Our goal is to make flawless and undiluted news available to our readers at all times. We make it our duty to keep you informed, educated and entertained. We understand that our readers have diverse interests and that is why we strive to create content on a wide range of topics. We bring you the latest in politics, sports, business, technology, health, fashion, and entertainment. You can be confident that there will always be something that will appeal to you on our page.

At Fox News 18, we endeavor to verify our news reports before serving it to our audience. Our sources are reliable and trustworthy. When we report an event, you can be sure that what you are getting is the fact. For us, if it is not authentic, then it is not worth reporting. We do not compromise on our standards of accurate reporting. We tell it as it is regardless of who and what is involved. Since we do not support or answer to any political party, figure or agency, we assure you that we will never create content that in any way distorts the truth about a person, group or event.

Our team of writers and editors at Fox News 18 are professionals who have acquired experience in the media industry. They know the importance of creating content that is true and impartial. The clear and unambiguous terms in which our articles are written makes it possible for all our readers to benefit from the information we dish out. Furthermore, our writers are diligent and eager to create impeccable content at all times. Our news reports which are written in English do not in any way incite hatred or violence.

At Fox News 18, we work round the clock to ensure that we satisfy your thirst for fresh and genuine global news. We are open to your suggestions, criticisms, recommendations, and inquiries. We ask you to join us on our mission to bring relevant and informative content to readers worldwide.