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The Stem Player

The Stem Player is a sound remix gadget and music streaming stage created by British innovation organization Kano Computing as a team with American craftsman Kanye West. The gadget was sent off in August 2021 related to the arrival of West’s tenth studio collection Donda. The Stem Player has four touch-delicate haptic sliders that change […]

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About Singing legend Joni Mitchell performs without precedent for 20 years at Newport Folk Festival

Joni Mitchell, unique name Roberta Joan Anderson, (conceived November 7, 1943, Fort McLeod, Alberta, Canada), Canadian trial artist musician whose most noteworthy prominence was during the 1970s. Once depicted as the “Yang to Bob Dylan’s Yin, rising to him in wealth and bounty of symbolism,” Mitchell, similar to her 1960s contemporary, transformed popular music into […]