The White House sees a complicated relationship between the first lady and the first daughter

The assistants at the white house struggle with a complicated relationship in their tryst to manage Melania and Ivanka Trump. This surfaced in a report in the New York Times on Sunday.

The challenge and the potential troubles are clearly evident with the separate trips that Melanie and Ivanka took to Africa.

As a part of Melanie’s “be best” initiative, she took envisaged on her first solo trip abroad to Africa. As a part of the trip, she visited Ghana, Malawi, Kenya and Egypt.

Now the first daughter who is also the senior adviser plans to highlight her inclination towards economic empowerment with a trip to Africa in January.

The complicated dynamics are evident in several instances. For Melanie’s Africa trip, she had directed the officials of the West Wing to make it possible for her to display her work and it included a photograph of her with a child in her arms.

Exactly two days later, Ivanka published a video from her trip to Hurricane hit North Carolina on Instagram. This led to a similar image of her with a young kid in her arms.

John Kelly who is the White House chief of staff was responsible for the equation between the two ladies’ offices. He received the alert about the video and then initiated a discussion with Ivanka’s staff.

The Times reportage states that Melanie and Ivanka have separate visions of their job and their coexistence strives on the very little overlap in their roles. The piece also mentioned that there have been minimum appearances of the first lady and the first daughter together and there hasn’t been any joint initiative conducted by their staff.

An anonymous white house official however reported that there isn’t any tension between them and they share a great equation.

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