Florida’s Governor Race will no longer receive concession from Andrew Gillum

Andrew Gillum who is the Tallahassee Mayor conceded the gubernatorial race in Florida to the Republican candidate on election night. This was based on the best information he had at hand then.

A lot has changed since that night with the victory margin narrowing down to 0.41 percent. The narrow margin might be just enough to call for a machine recount statewide.

He has now taken back his concession. He said that he has replaced his words of concession with a call that every vote be counted. He also acknowledged that his chances at the election may or may not change.

Concession speeches are not bound by any legal implications but they do hold some courtesy regarding the democracy and wishes of voters.

Prior to the briefing by Gillum, Ken Detzner the Secretary of state for Florida had made an announcement regarding reviewing the election results with an official recount. The law of Florida, however, requires that the secretary of state can call for a machine recount in competitions where there is a difference of 0.5% or less in the unofficial results.

Further, if the machine recount indicates a margin of 0.25% points or less, a manual recounting of ballots would be conducted. Manual counts are done by hand and take into consideration the overvotes and undervotes that are rejected in machine count.

Gillum stated that nearly 100 volunteers and lawyers were on duty across the state to ensure that the recount is fair.

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