Request by Democrats to Fast-track Trump’s Tax Return Case Gets Kicked out by Judge

Democrats have been trying to fast-track their case against Trump regarding the release of his task returns. A while ago, they tried to force the IRS and the Treasury Department to release Trump’s task returns without his approval. Yesterday, however, a federal judge in Washington, DC, Trevor McFadden, kicked out the request from Democrats to fast track the release of Trump’s tax returns.

Democrats Vs. Trump In Tax Return Case

On Thursday, McFadden caused a minor setback in the Democrats’ case against Trump which they eagerly want to be resolved before the 2020 elections. Unfortunately for them, some of these cases will not be resolved until after the elections. Months ago, the team made their request for details of Trump’s financial documents and in July, they tried to enforce the subpoena. The judge said; “The request from the committee was made about seven weeks ago. While the court recognizes the effort the committee devoted to negotiating before filing a lawsuit, it doesn’t understand why they are trying to expedite the process now. At some point, it may be appropriate to expedite the process but this isn’t the right time.”

While McFadden has stopped the committee’s efforts to expedite the case, this doesn’t put an end to the lawsuit. Everything will move ahead as it was initially meant to and the fillings are due in September. The Democrats aren’t backing down yet.

It is important to note that Richard Neal, the Chairman of the House Ways and Means, is trying to take advantage of a provision in the IRS laws that would give him access to Trump’s tax returns legitimately.

If the Democrats finally get the financial documents and discover that the President has defaulted, Trump may not be eligible to contest for the 2020 election. He may also be at risk of serving jail time.

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