Medical Examiner Confirms That Billionaire, Jeffrey Epstein, Committed Suicide

Jeffrey Epstein’s death has been ruled as suicide by a medical examiner. He was found dead in his prison cell on Aug.10.

Epstein, who was arrested over alleged abuse of several young girls in July was until his death an inmate at the Metropolitan Correctional Center, New York City. After the deceased was found in his prison cell, an autopsy was conducted to determine the cause of death. According to the medical examiner, the 66-year-old committed suicide by hanging. The official report on Epstein’s death was to be released on Friday.

The death of Jeffrey Epstein has caused many to question the conditions at the jail where the billionaire was held. Others have also questioned the circumstances surrounding Epstein’s death.

What Actions Have Been Taken?

Reacting to the incident, attorney general, William Barr said that “serious irregularities” have been discovered at the correctional facility. The FBI and the justice department has since commenced investigation on the incident.

After Epstein died, the warden of the facility was temporarily reassigned and the guards who were on duty on the day of the incident were placed on leave. A source disclosed that the guards were required to check on all prisoners every 30 minutes but on the night before Epstein died, the procedure was not followed. To cover up their mistakes, the guards falsified log entries, claiming that they made the checks. However, the surveillance footage available shows that the guards did not make all the checks they recorded in the log.

Epstein was placed on suicide watch sometime before his death. But he was taken off the watch. The autopsy according to the Washington Post and the New York Times showed that the late billionaire had several broken bones in his neck.

The report had many people asking why a man who committed suicide will have broken neck bones. The news post cited an expert who said that broken neck bones are more commonly associated with strangulation than suicide. But the expert later came out to say that a broken hyoid bone does not exactly suggest homicide and is not enough to tell if the death occurred as a result of strangulation or suicide hanging. The expert added that increasing age may also be responsible for broken neck bones.

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