Microsoft Ditches Graphics Update for Minecraft

Tech giant Microsoft has said that it will no longer be going through with its plan to update Minecraft’s graphics, describing the intended project as a technically demanding one. In 2017, Minecraft fans were thrilled to learn that Microsoft was going to update the graphics of the game. The update was known as Super Duper Graphics Pack and game lovers expected it to make the game even more exciting to play. On Monday, however, Microsoft announced that they were canceling the update, stating that it has proved “too technically demanding.”

Features of the Proposed Update

The update was unveiled at the E3 video game conference in 2017 and it was to enhance the lighting effects, shadows, and fogs of the game. It was to feature new textures for characters and new motion for some game elements. Microsoft also promised a full 4K resolution for devices like the Xbox One X.

Speaking on the cancellation of the update, developer Mojang said, “we are not satisfied with the performance of the pack across devices……..and that is why we are calling off the update.” Mojang said that the company is looking into other ways to enhance the user experience of the game. “We are exploring other ways that you can experience Minecraft with a new look,” Mojang continued.

Minecraft has launched a decade ago and it has lived up to expectations. It holds a record as one of the highest-paid mobile games in the Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store. Microsoft also created the Minecraft: Education Edition which has become a valuable tool for teaching kids. It helps them learn things like math, urban planning, architecture, computer coding, and engineering. The game can be used to improve the social skills of children and can also be used to help kids with autism and other learning disorders. It builds their interest in social activities and helps them interact with their pairs.

In 2014, Microsoft bought Mojang for a whopping $2.5 billion. Minecraft’s tenth anniversary was celebrated in May with the company announcing the launch of the Minecraft Earth.

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