Universal Pictures Cancels ‘The Hunt’ After Harsh Criticism From President Trump

A few days ago, Mr. Donald Trump criticized liberal Hollywood accusing them of being responsible for dividing the country by producing movies that insight violence and promote racism. While the president didn’t mention the name of the movie he was referring to, his use of the word elite and his description of the movie showed that he was talking about The Hunt, a movie by Universal Pictures which was set to be released in September. Now, Universal Pictures has canceled the release of the movie.

 The Hunt Canceled Before Release

 Yesterday, Universal Pictures announced that it was no longer going to proceed with the release of the movie. The announcement was as follows; “It is true that Universal Pictures has stopped the marketing campaign for The Hunt. However, we have decided that it would be better not to release the movie at all. This decision was made after thoughtful consideration. While we will always be willing to work with our visionary film markers, we understand that this isn’t the best time to release this movie.”

The Hunt was meant to be released in September. However, there was a lot of controversy surrounding the film following the series of mass shootings in the United States. The theme of the movie is about a group of elite Americans who hunt rural Americans for sport.

Before universal pictures decided to cancel the movie, the star of the movie Hilary Swank, said that she doesn’t have any comments about it when she was confronted by reporters at the Locarno Film Festival. However, following the announcement, she said that she fully supports the action by Universal Pictures to cancel the release of the film. According to her, the country has endured too much violence recently and needs time to heal.

The cancelation of the movie would cost producers millions in dollars but would save them major reputation damage.

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