Trump Retweets Terrence K. Williams’ Post About Clinton’s Hand in Epstein’s Death

Yesterday, on Twitter, the hashtag #trump’s body count was trending. The trend was fueled by some conspiracy theorists who tried to link the mysterious death of several public figures to Trump. Another trending topic was the suicide of sex offender, Jeffrey Epstein. As Twitter broke into separate parts, actor,

Terrence K. Williams posted a video that linked Bill and Hillary Clinton to the death of Epstein. Trump retweeted the post and has since been under fire for his action.

Trump Retweets Conspiracy Theory Of Terrence K. Williams

The post by Williams claims that Epstein had dirt on the Clinton’s before he suddenly committed suicide even while he was on a 24/7 suicide watch. The post was as follows;

“#JeffreyEpstein killed himself during a 24/7 suicide watch? How is that possible? He had dirt on Bill Clinton and now he is suddenly dead. Right now #trump’s body count is trending but we all know who is responsible for this.”

The post was followed by a video in which he suggested that the Clinton’s are responsible for the death of Epstein and the death of Vince Foster, a White House Aide who died of suicide in 1994.

Keep in mind that this isn’t the first time the Clinton’s are being accused of having a role to play in the death of people who allegedly had dirt on them. However, none of the claims have been backed with substantial proof.

The President also retweeted a post from @BreakingNLive which stated that Bill Clinton visited Epstein in private trips. However, according to HuffPost, a document revealed that while Clinton took several trips in a private jet this week, there was no evidence that he visited Epstein.

Both Trump and Clinton had personal relationships with Epstein. However, when Epstein was accused of sexually abusing children, Trump and Clinton publicly declared that they knew nothing about his actions and were no longer in communication with him.

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