Trump Blasts Liberal Hollywood, Says the Industry is Racist Accusing it of Deserving the Country

Trump is the President with the most active Twitter account. Unlike many other public figures who ask aides to run their social media accounts, the President of the United States controls his account himself and he is not known for sugar coating. In a recent series of tweet, Mr. Trump came for liberal Hollywood. This time, he said that Hollywood is racist and implied that it is doing more harm than good in the country.

Trump Comes For Hollywood On Twitter

On Friday, the President took to Twitter, after speaking to the press at the White House. According to him, Liberal Hollywood is racist and only focused on causing chaos. In his words;

“Liberal Hollywood is as racist as it gets. And with great hate and anger. They keep calling themselves the Elite but there is nothing Elite about them. Most times, the people that they oppose strongly are the elite ones. This movie they are about to release will do nothing but inflame chaos. They create violence and blame others for it. They are racists and are bad for America.”

While the President did not specify which movie he was referring to, speculations on social media are that he is referring to ‘The Hunt’, a movie that is going to be released in September. The movie is about a group of elite American citizens who hunt rural humans for sport.

He said that Hollywood is performing a disservice to America as the kind of movies they are producing insight violence and divides the country even more. He concluded;

“We have all the heads of the big companies coming in and we are going to talk to them. They keep treating our conservatives different from how they treat anyone else.”

Following the posts, Twitter has been divided. While a group of people supports the President’s view of liberal Hollywood, others believe that his sentiments are incorrect.

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