Facebook may have to Pay Millions in Compensation over Facial Recognition Privacy Violation

Last year, Facebook got into trouble with the authorities over privacy violation concerns. The social media giant was selling private information without the consent of users. While Facebook is still trying to recover from the damage that action caused, it’s in trouble again over facial recognition concerns.

 Facebook In Trouble Over Facial Recognition Concerns

 A while ago, some Facebook users from Illinois sued the social media giant for using images they had uploaded to identify them at different times. In a bid to get the lawsuit thrown out, Facebook told the court that the users did not have the right to sue the company as a group because each individual had a unique claim. However, a court in San Francisco recently ruled that the users had every right to sue as a group because they collectively suffered privacy injuries.

 In the lawsuit, the users insist that Facebook should be held liable for not telling them that their images would be stored and referenced in the future. The group insists that the sensitivity of biometric data makes prior warning important. So far, many groups including the American Civil Liberties Union have spoken against Facebook’s misuse of facial recognition data as such technology can cause privacy injuries.

 The lawsuit by the group was initially filed in 2015 as there is a law that limits the collection of biometric data in Illinois. If the group eventually wins the case, Facebook will have to pay a fine of $5,000 per individual for reckless violation of the privacy laws in the state and $1,000 per individual for negligent violation.

 While only a group of people filed the lawsuit, the number of people who could be eligible for compensation is limitless. Facebook intends to appeal against the court’s decision to disregard its claim for the case to be treated collectively and not individually.

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