Authorities Arrest 680 Undocumented Immigrants and Counting in Record-Breaking Sweep

The controversial door to door immigration sweep has seen 680 undocumented immigrants arrested during a sweep in Mississippi. The officials raided seven food processing plants and have not yet released all the undocumented immigrants they found. Family members and friends of some of those who have been arrested are still waiting for answers from the officials. Some have been waiting outside the affected buildings while others are waiting at home.

680 Undocumented Immigrants Arrested In Mississippi Immigration Sweep

News about the sweep has been seriously criticized on social media as videos of crying children and spouses was revealed on social media. Some of these children who had nowhere to go were offered assistance by strangers in Forest after their parents were detained. The strangers offered the children food, drinks, and shelter at a local gym even if most of the children couldn’t find the appetite to eat with their parents locked up.

After being separated for hours, children in Forest were reunited with their parents. However, some other families still haven’t heard any news about their detained family members. Yesterday in Morton, residents gathered outside a parking lot as they waited for officials to reunite them with their loved ones. While some immigrants have been released from custody, many others were sent to detention centers. So far, 300 immigrants have been released.

This is one of the most intense immigration sweeps in American history as it happened across six cities at the same time. Some of the arrested immigrants are juveniles and about nine of them were released without processing. All the arrests were legal as the search warrants were issued and executed by federal agents from the Department of Homeland Security Investigations.

While the action is still being criticized, many believe that this is the only way to make America great again by restoring law and order.

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