The United States Weighs in on Hong Kong Protests, Issues Travel Advisory

The protests in Hong Kong have been ongoing for a while now as violence is the order of the day in most parts of the capital. Several countries have weighed in on the issue but the United States is the largest country to issue a travel advisory to those who may be making plans to travel to Hong Kong anytime soon.

United States Issues Travel Advisory To Hong Kong Travelers

The travel advisory was issued by the Department of State’s Bureau of Consular Affairs on Wednesday. It stated that everyone who was making plans to travel to Hong Kong for business or recreation should proceed with caution to avoid getting hurt in the crossfire. The Bureau stated that even if the protests have been peaceful in some places, there have been many reports of violence in other places. What’s more? The actions of protesters are unpredictable making it difficult to determine where and when they will strike.

The Bureau stated that travelers who have no choice but to visit Hong Kong during these turbulent times should make sure that they avoid these protests at all costs. This is in line with the warnings that have been issued by other countries like Australia, Japan, Ireland, the United Kingdom, and Singapore.

The protests started when the government passed a bill that was going to lead to the extradition of some citizens to China. Following the large scale protests across Hong Kong, the bill has been shelved. However, there are still reports of protests. The protesters are asking for several things including an investigation into police brutality and better democracy.

Due to the protests, about 220 flights within Hong Kong were canceled on Monday. That same day, there was a clash between protesters and police officers in five districts. There have also been reports of people being randomly attacked by angry mobs.

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