After 30 Years Microsoft’s MSDN Magazine Set to Shut Down in November

According to the latest reports on The Verge, the 30-year-old MSDN magazine by Microsoft has announced that it would be shutting down operations in November 2019. The company said that it has decided to shut down the printing of physical publications since all its operations have been moved to the virtual world. Everything available in the magazine can be found on websites controlled by Microsoft including, Visual Studio,, and Studio Subscriptions Portal.

Microsoft To Shut Down MSDN Magazine After 30 Years

In the beginning, MSDN was not known by its current name. It was in the year 2000 that Microsoft Internet Developer Magazines and Microsoft Systems Journal merged to produce Microsoft MSDN. It is the product of Microsoft’s first programming publication. Microsoft also announced that everyone who has a pending subscription by November will be refunded accordingly. Also, all the previous issues of the magazine will be readily available online in case someone needs to refer.

Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN) is a part of the tech giant that handles all its dealings with testers and developers. Whether you’re a hardware developer who wants to use the Microsoft operating system or you’re a software developer who wants to run your software on the system, all communications with Microsoft will be done through MSDN. MSDN provides legacy support to its developers.

Microsoft MSDN Magazine offers high-quality editorial content for subscribers. Subscribers can either pay monthly or yearly to enjoy the fresh and reliable content in the magazine. It is available in printed copies to everyone in the United States who is interested in subscribing. The magazines are released every month and it is available in soft and hard copies in over 11 languages. Since the merger in 2000, Microsoft MSDN hasn’t missed a monthly publication.

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