Bill Nelson’s tenure comes to an end: His sluggish campaign failed to compete with Rick Scott

Bill Nelson, a senior senator from Florida who has by far been described as one of the luckiest politicians has finally lost the battle to his competitor Rick Scott. He won thrice in a row as a Democrat because he always competed against weak opponents.

Bill Nelson has served 46 years in public service before he finally met Gov. Rick Scott as an opponent this year. Rick Scott banked on his vast personal fortune and aggressive approach. It is his third close victory in the past 8 years.

Based on a statement by the Democratic Strategist Steve Schale, running against Rick Scott means you need to maintain defense. He said it is hard to win against Rick.

The final results from the manual recount are expected to declared in Tallahassee today, the expected margin of Scott’s victory is going to be below 13000 votes in a casting count of over 8 million.

Several post-election lawsuits surfaced but they were unsuccessful at changing the outcome.

Well, Nelson could have pounced when the summers weren’t too good for Scott. Several crises troubled the state and there were protesters at Scott’s campaign tour. Coastal towns also protested the private beach access law that was signed by Scott. This was a time Nelson could have been aggressive but alas!

This is the first time after the beginning of direct US senator elections over 100 years ago that both the senators in Florida will be Republicans- Rick Scott and Marco Rubio. This also marks the conclusion of one of the longest senator tenures.

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