Pixel 3 gets awesome pictures with the latest Night Sight Camera update

Pixel 3 and 3XL already come with fabulous cameras and Google’s latest over-the-air update strengthens it further. This feature by Google is called Night Sight. The update makes it possible to take better images in low light without spoiling them with a harsh and artificial flash. This means that you can take amazingly crisp pictures in the dimmest settings.

The amazing Night sight will be available on both front and back cameras and the update will be rolled out to all pixel models. The feature will function best on Pixel 3 and its latest hardware.

Night sight functions by capturing 15 frames in 1/3 second. You will hence need to keep the phone steady for 1-2 seconds after firing the shutter. This is the time it renders the image. The camera employs machine learning to give the perfect color, white balance and lighting depending upon the image content. The gyroscope works to reduce blur by reducing the shutter speed if it encounters motion blur.

Marc Levoy, a Google engineer once said that Night Sight is HDR+ on steroids.

Night sight can be found in the more option in the camera’s menu. In case of low light, a dialogue will prompt to turn the night sight on.

It is an impressive feature. When tested in dusk and night settings it gave images with accurate colors and truly seeming images. It worked really well in extremely dim situations too.

While Huawei P20 Pro has similar effects, the pixel 3 pictures look more realistic. This is an amazing feature that makes pixel an amazing low-light performer.

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