Mark Zuckerberg orders the use of Android phones to employees because Apple CEO criticized Facebook

Reports say that Mark Zuckerberg was pissed off enough with Apple CEO’s comments about Facebook to order the staff to stop using Apple products.

This was revealed by a report in the New York Times that enlisted Facebook’s failures such as failure to address Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential elections and also multiple privacy concerns raised by users. This incident however bears testimony to how personally Mark Zuckerberg took Tim Cook’s criticism.

Tim Cook had said in an MSNBC interview that they weren’t going to intervene with anyone’s personal life. He stated how privacy is a human right and a civil liberty. This infuriated Mark Zuckerberg to a great extent post which he ordered the staff.

When asked about a statement over the claim of Zuckerberg’s order to stop using iPhones, Facebook hasn’t issued an immediate response. The two companies have however been in a stressed relationship for months.

Tim Cook is famous for his stand on privacy rights and has time and again pointed out Facebook over the privacy compromises highlighted. This public comments from the Apple CEO were however dismissed by Zuckerberg as extremely glib. Sheryl Sandberg also expressed her disapproval stating that she respectfully disagrees with Tim Cook.

Mark Zuckerberg’s anger isn’t limited to his directions about using Android smartphones. Reports also say that Facebook had hired a public affairs company to write negative articles about Apple.

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